2019 Saleen S1 Price, Specs, Interior, Redesign, Exterior


2019 Saleen S1 Price, Specs, Interior, Redesign, Exterior - Saleen is one of the less known US manufacturers. Even though they built some amazing cars, because they only built a handful of them, not that many people are aware of them. Even so, it looks like the company is finally looking to expand. Not that long ago they revealed the 2019 Saleen S1, their first car set to enter mass production. So far it looks like this will be aimed at the Asian, European and North American markets. While there are still a few missing details about it, we do have a pretty good idea about what to expect. It looks like the S1 will be a mid-engine super-car aimed to compete with cars like the base Porsche 911.

2019 Saleen S1

Not that long ago Saleen bought the defunct Artega German-car manufacturer. They wanted to convert that car for the US market but it looks like they weren’t able to. Because of that the manufacturer started from scratch, so the upcoming S1 will be an all new vehicle. Unlike most other cars at this price point, the 2019 Saleen S1 is going to boast a full carbon fiber chassis and body.

This should allow it to keep the weight down while giving the car great driving characteristics. The S1 will still use some of the features found on the Artega GT. For starters, its design as well as the overall layout will remain similar. However, in order to better cope with the international laws, the car will use a new engine and a far nicer interior too.

2019 Saleen S1 Design

2019 Saleen S1 Release and price

For now Saleen is taking $1,000 deposits for their upcoming S1. It looks like the company will start delivering the new cars some time in the late 2018 or early 2019. The actual price is still unknown but it looks like the most basic model will start at roughly $100,000. This low price will be possible thanks to the fact Saleen will build the body in China. This will be exported to the US where the cars for the Western market will be built. Saleen will build the cars aimed for the Asian market right in China.

2019 Saleen S1 Design

There is no question about the fact the upcoming S1 looks like the Artega. The proportions are nearly identical while the car shares the same wheelbase too. This is likely because Saleen wanted to invest as little money as possible in upgrading the existing chassis. Even so, this doesn’t mean the S1 is a bad looking car.

2019 Saleen S1 Wheel

It looks like a true supercar and it features the aggressive lines most people are looking for at this price point. Over the Artega the car comes with different headlights, larger intakes in the bumper, new five-spoke wheels, different mirrors as well as a different rear end. There is nothing over the top about it and we love that about the car.

2019 Saleen S1 Interior

Even though the car is months away from release, we managed to take a pretty good look at its cabin. The concept had a black and white interior with Alcantara and leather leather upholstery.

2019 Saleen S1 Interior Design

2019 Saleen S1 Interior

We can expect the production model to be slightly more subtle than that. However, the center touch-screen infotainment system or the fully digital instrument cluster should be in store on the production model as well.

2019 Saleen S1 Specs

Unlike most other supercars that cost $100,000, the 2019 Saleen S1 will feature a rather different engine. The car will come equipped with a 2.5 liter twin-turbocharged four-cylinder mill. This is rather interesting, especially since there is no other competing engine with a similar layout. This will provide a rather impressive 450 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of torque which falls mostly in line with its rivals.

The engine will drive the rear wheels via a 6 speed manual gearbox and a limited slip differential. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, thanks to a gross weight of under 2,700 pounds and 335mm section tires in the rear, the car will hit 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds. It looks like it will top out at 180 MPH and it will do the quarter mile in just 11.3 seconds which is actually far better than some of its direct competitors. Even though Saleen didn’t say much else about it, we can expect a more powerful version later down the road which should be even more mental.

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